Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apple is going to replace Touchscreens with Voice control

No one knew a decade before what apple is and what it’s going to bring forth for us. Ten years later Apple changed the way of telephonic conversation, they brought new and innovative ideas which other companies failed to meet and Apple became king company of Smartphone’s. The mobile phones and tablets from apple were much lighter, thinner and more powerful than any other company produced. Their products are more user friendly and easy to handle. Now the question is, are they looking for a horizon beyond touchscreen as well. Because a few days before one rumor suggests that Apple could spearhead that future early next year, in the form of the iWatch.

A Chinese blog claimed that Apple is trying to produce a new and innovative smart watch in collaboration with Intel. The features of iWatch include a 1.5-inch OLED screen and the device would be connected to an iPhone through a low powered Bluetooth 4.0. Using the Siri it will enable you to answer calls and operate other functions of the iPhone.

Whether this rumor is true or not but Siri is going to replace touch screens with voice in our mobile devices for Apple company. Apple thrives on making tech products behave less like tech products, and more like natural human tools. When taken to its extreme, this could result in a device with a conversation-based interface.

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  1. So that's the next level of wearable iOS. We hope to see the same with Android too.

  2. Voice control is great. I use Google voice very often on my smart phone and it prevents me from typing.

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